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Valkommen to Stockholm dear visitor! Ranked as one of the top cities in the world and one of Europe's major capitals, Stockholm is home to almost 900,000 inhabitants and an old medieval centre filled with hidden gems and magnificent picturesque landscapes and views since it is spread over 14 natural islands resting amidst the river Mälaren. Although the weather is not its strong point since its summers are relatively mild (13-28 degrees celsius), whereas winters are snowy and temperatures can range from -20 degrees celsius to -4, the city itself is a vibrant place full of cultural and architectural beauties. The wide array of cultural backgrounds that inhabit the city create an international and friendly atmosphere with a variety of cuisines to cater for all visitors and many festivals that entertain even the most demanding cultural adventurers. You can enjoy all activities and services using the Swedish Krona which is equivalent to 0.11€. Keep in mind that the local time here is GMT+1.

The city of Stockholm is included to the county Stockholms län and to the municipality Stockholm.

The city of Stockholm covers 6,519 km² and has 851,155 inhabitants (2011 census) with a density of 130.57 inhabitants per km².
The current mayor of Stockholm is Sten Nordin for the term 2008 -.
Inhabitant of Stockholm city is called Stockholmare. The french name of the city is Stockholm.
The Stockholm city was founded in 1252. The website of Stockholm is

Points of interest

The Vasa Museum - Swedish Maritime History on a Warship

Having sunk on its maiden voyage in 1628, Vasa, is the only fully intact warship surviving since the 17th century that has been converted into a museum and is available for admiration by the one million visitors that flock to see it here in Stockholm every year as it said to be the most popular museum throughout Scandinavia. Located on the island of Djurgarden, the 64-gun warship museum was launched in 1990 and offers 10 different exhibitions narrating the life on board the Vasa as well as its history and background facts. There is also a film that has been made in the name of the warship and it is projected in thirteen different languages while the museum boasts a pleasant restaurant and excellent souvenir and gift shop. Regarding the ship itself, it was built for King Adolf II as one of four warships and its construction took two years. Completed in 1627, at 69m long, Vasa sets off on her maiden voyage but unfortunately, after sailing just 1.3 kilometers, it tips over and sinks amidst the Stockholm harbour. From 1961 to 1988 it was kept in a shipyard where it was painstakingly treated in order to resurrect its former glorious self. Today, more than 95% of the ship is in its original form while there are four more ships to be viewed as part of the museum tour. Entrance is free for ages under 18 while adults pay 14.70€

Skansen Open Air Museum

On the magnificent Royal island of Djurgarden, visitors have the unique opportunity of visiting the world's oldest open air museum - the Skansen Open Air Museum along with the Stockholm zoo. What is so special about this museum? Well, firstly, you are outdoors in a 75 acres area and secondly, this place literally takes you back in time, with a miniature Sweden unfolding right before your eyes. Full replicas of a 19th century town are exhibited as well as dwellings and farms from all over the country which were relocated in the area that makes up the museum, set up in 1891 by Artur Hazelius, a Swedish teacher, author and folklorist to show the evolution of everyday life all over Sweden before the arrival of industrialization. The exhibits show visitors different aspects of Swedish culture, traditions and home life such as life-size models of craftsmen, silversmiths, bakers, merchants and whole families while the exhibits take you from the 16th century all the way through to the first half of the 20th century. In addition, you get to see the original Swedish fauna at the zoo next door such as wolves, moose, bears, seals and much more! Keep in mind that the museum attracts 1.6 million visitors a year and can get very busy during Christmas season when it hosts the famous Stockholm Christmas Market.

Gamla Stan - Stockholm's Old Town

Stockholm's old town district was the city's original city centre founded in 1252 and now home to 3000 people and to numerous museums and cultural sites hence it is a prime tourist attraction and a pleasant way to spend one's day. Spreading over the island of Stadsholmen and three islets of Stromsborg, Riddarholmen and Helgeandsholmen, the old town is a fascinating network of alleys, narrow streets and cobbled pathways lined with old town houses leading to squares and meeting points which offer as a great example of northern Germanic architecture and city planning. It is one of Europe's best preserved old towns and one of the largest in scale and during winter it truly looks like a picture out of an old fairytale book as frescoes and cellar vaults dating back to the middle ages are still visible today. One of the many sights found here are the Nobel Museum, the Stockholm Cathedral as well as the Royal Palace, one of the largest palaces in the world with over 600 rooms, where during the summer months visitors can admire the changing of the guards accompanied by the national armed guard band on horses. Here is where you may also dine at Stockholm's Den Gyldene Freden restaurant, the city's first restaurant, preserving its initial interior while serving traditional Swedish cuisine.

The Royal Palace - 1.430 rooms of gloriousness

Like many European States, Sweden has a royal family of its own and their official residence is right in the middle of the old town centre, and let's just say that the Kungliga slottet as it known in Swedish, is not a humble building or one that is easy to miss. Moreover, the offices of the Royal Court of Sweden and the Royal Family's offices are all located under this building too and here is where a visitor can also admire the grandiose ceremony of the changing of the guard mentioned earlier. More about the Palace itself, initially, this was the site of a fortress built during the 13th century with a main spiked tower that evolved over time into a palace and under King John III, the whole fortress was renovated to take a Rainaissance style form during the 16th century. It is considered one of the largest palaces in the world which continues to serve as a royal residence, with an astonishing 1430 rooms of which 660 have windows! It consists of four different wings each with its own representation, the western wing representing the King, the eastern the Queen, the northern the Nation and the southern the Common Royal. It truly is a spectacular building with much for the visitor's eye to admire.

The Nobel Museum and the Museum of Modern Art

This is no city for the museum-haters. You either like or not, you have got to visit the city's museums in order to truly appreciate the local culture and way of thinking. Moreover, once you have visited some of the city's main museums you will develop a truly indepth understanding of the greatly remarkable character of this nation. One of the two highly recommended museums located in the Gamla Stan is the Nobel Museum, a journey through the life and work of Alfred Nobel, the Swede thanks to whom, we today honour great individuals with the Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, literature and peace. Established in 1901, the museum's main goal is to attract young people and get them interested in this huge world of knowledge and to spread this knowledge and create discussion on natural sciences, technology and design. Another museum worth visiting is the Museum of Modern Art, one of the world's top modern art museums which houses artworks from 1900 until today, of world-famous artists such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse and Andy Warhol. It gracefully exhibits over 30.000 paintings, water colours and sculptures as well as 100.000 photographs. What's more, one can view a number of great art videos and films projected at the museum.

Do it like the Swedes! It's Fika time

Fika is a Swedish term for "let's go for coffee" which literally means sitting down at one of Stockholm's numerous traditional and friendly cafes, having a coffee or tea accompanied by a pastry or other traditional baked goods. Swedes, like most Europeans and Americans take their coffee and tea very seriously and it is part of everyday culture and a means of socializing. A Fika can last for hours over freshly brewed aromatic coffee and sinfully mouth-watering delicious pastries such as kanelbullar (cinnamon bun) or lussekatter (saffron bun). There are hundreds of decent fika cafes scattered all over the city which will serve for an original fika experience. Enjoy!

Djurgarden - A Royal Oasis

Located at close proximity to Stochkolm's city centre, and the site of the Vasa Warship Museum, the Skansen open air Museum, the Nordic Museum and numerous historical buildings, monuments, galleries and amusement parks, Djurgarden, is a lush green island, one of many the comprise Stochholm's archipelago. Djurgarden has been, since the fifteenth century, the royal family's natural retreat along with two others, Haga and Ulriksdal and today is one of the most favourable recreational destinations for locals and tourists attracting over 10 million visitors each year. Relax in the tranquility of this vast oasis after a long day of sightseeing and museum visiting.

The ABBA Museum

S.O.S. - This is Eurovision frenzy land. Yes, Sweden has a long music tradition especially when it comes to Eurovision and who can avoid hearing and being told all about the legendary Eurovision-winners-gone-worldwide-superstar-bandgroup ABBA. Well, you can avoid being misinformed regarding this topic and simply visit the Museum itself. Yes, Stockholm has a whole museum dedicated to the legendary band ABBA. Located on Djurgarden island, it is easily accessible and open between 8a.m. and 6p.m. with an entrance fee of 22€ for adults whereas children under the age of 7 can enter for free. With the ticket, you are also granted access to the Swedish Music Hall of Fame and the History of Swedish Popular Music.

At the top of Scandinavia - Sky View

The city's landmark and the world's largest spherical building, known as the Ericsson Globe, is Sweden's pride and glory and houses the country's national indoor arena and hosts primerily ice hockey games, which is Sweden's national sport. What attracts visitors to this sight, apart from its intriguing shape and spectacular size, is the views that the specially designed glass gondolas that patrol it exterior offer visitors. The exciting journey takes you up at 130 meters above sea level from where you can admire Stockholm's beautifully breathtaking skyline and rooftops as well as the surrounding countryside for 30 minutes. The passenger cubicles/gondolas depart every 10 minutes between 9a.m. and  6p.m.

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How to get there ?

This busy city at the heart of Scandinavia is served by four different airports of which the largest is Stockholm-Arlanda airport which serves all international flights and destinations. From the airport, one can reach the city centre either by one of the Flugbussarna coaches which depart every ten minutes throughout the day and for which an adult return tickets costs 24.20€ and the journey lasts approximately 45 minutes. Alternatively, one can take the Arlanda Express train service which is more costly, at 55€ return but which takes you into Stockholm at under half an hour. Other airports that serve the city are domestic flights airport Bromma, and low-fare airlines airports Skavsta and Vasteraswhich and are about 80 minutes away from the city. Stockholm, being a strategic Scandinavian city also has excellent railway and ferry links to and from many European cities. The Oresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden has made travelling on land much easier too and during summer there are even direct trains to Berlin in Germany from Stockholm's main train station Centralstation from which you can get travel information between 05:00 and 00:15. Ferries serve routes to and from the Baltic and other Scandinavian ports from Frihamnen port and centrally located and easily accessed Stadsgardskajen port.

Transport in Stockholm

International airports
Stockholm Cruise Port ~1 km
Bromma ~7 km
Arlanda ~36 km
Other transport
Barkarby ~14 km

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August Strindberg Hotell

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Bed & Breakfast Stockholm at Mariatorget

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Belman Hostel

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