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Gelendzhi is a scenic resort town situated in southwest of Krasnodar Territory, twenty five kilometers southeast of Novorossiysk,on the coast of Gelendzhik Bay of the Black Sea. This town has developed rapidly to accommodate the 2 million tourists, who visit this resort to enjoy the warm waters of the Black Sea. Gelendzhik has been called the pearl of the Black Sea.  Gelendzhik climate is sub-tropically dry. The annual temperature is +13.5 °С.   The winter in Gelendzhik is mild and this encourages it to become a wintering ground for several species of aquatic birds, including swans.
The summers are warm and this is favorable for tourists. The best season is from June to September as the precipitation level is minimum. The swimming season at Gelendzhik is between May to October and the sea water is comfortable with a temperature between +18 and +25 °С. The currency used in Russia is the Rouble.

The city of Gelendzhik is included to the district Southern, to the region Krasnodar krai and to the area Gelendzhik.

The city of Gelendzhik covers 19.26 km² and has 53,658 inhabitants (2010 census) with a density of 2,785.98 inhabitants per km². The maximum altitude is 30 m.
The current mayor of Gelendzhik is Viktor Khrestine.
The french name of the city is Guelendjik, the spanish name is Gelendzhik.
The Gelendzhik city was founded in 1831. The website of Gelendzhik is

Points of interest

Gelendzhi water sports

Gelendzhi beach is pebbly, but the sea is calm and warm. It is on a naturally curving bay that provides shelter from the winds for this resort. A picturesque beach with tender waves that break on it's shore, this is a paradise. It is surrounded by natural treasures like quiet springs, majestic waterfalls, seething rivers and ancient forests that have expanded on the white cliff and come down to the sea coast. Relax on the coast which has more than 100 km of coastline and 14 km of landscaped promenade.   Gelendzhi is situated at the Gelendzhik bay and is formed by 2 capes – Tonkiy which means Thin and Tolstiy meaning Thick. It has many health resorts with over 100 companies of spa complex, 38 campsites and 4500 accommodations for tourists with different budgets.   For the sports loving tourist, check out the water entertainment in this bay. There are tours offering Scooters, Catamarans, Inflatable Bananas, Tablets, Aqualung, Fishing and diving. Take a dive into the deep waters of the Black Sea, enjoy a different world beneath the calm waters.  

Diving Clubs: Sea Cat Phone: +7 (918) 439-68-97; +7 (903) 456-78-95  
Address: Gelendzhik, Turisticheskaya street (tourist's hotel Solnechnaya)  

Sights around Gelendzhik-Safari Park

A cable awaits your arrival to take you up to a height of 640 meters. Welcome to the Safari Park. The cable way is 1600 meters and it will take you 24 minutes to ascent to the top of the Markhoth Ridge. A worthwhile trip to get a panoramic view of the town of Gelendzhik and the bay. Safari Park is home to exotic wild animals from around the world. The exhibition complex  houses the exhibition “From the Depths of the Centuries and Waters”. Check out the first artificial cave in Russia. There is a cafe and a restaurant on the Markhoth Ridge and they serve authentic local cuisine.  

Telephone: +7 (86141) 2-06-30
Address: Gelendzhik, Odesskaya street 13-a.

The water aviation show is fun for the whole family. Be treated to different types of  aircraft that are showcased to the tourists. Watch as they perform patrol and rescue operations at sea, or assist in emergencies or natural calamities. Take care as a Russian-made Beriev Be-200ChS amphibious aircraft are known to dump water during a demonstration flight at this international air show!  

Opening times: September 9-12
Phone:+7 (86141) 280-91; +7 (86141) 280-94.
Address:Gelendzhik, Solnechnaya street 3.


Dolmens are ancient structures of the bronze age that were built by early man about 5000 years ago. They are older than the pyramids! Situated close to the city of Gelendzik, you can take a bus or hire a car to visit this iconic piece of history. It is located near the village of Vozroshdeniye. You will not be allowed to park near this heritage site, so walk the remaining few kilometers up to the mound.   The dolmens were first introduced to the world in 1749 by by Academician Peter Pallas. Notice how these builders from ancient times have drawn symbolic paintings on the walls of the dolmens. The dolmens were burial structures of stone slabs. They were first discovered on the top of Mount Neksis, which is in the valley of the Zhane river. There are a whole group of domens in that site. There are others in the valley of Pshada river and close to the holiday village of  Shirokaya Shchel. The valley of Zhane river is the most active among the Dolmens. The local residents gather for the May holidays and escort you around these monuments from an ancient time.

Sail Rock

An interesting monument that has been created over time by nature is the Sail Rock. This rock has to be seen to be believed. It is not far from the town of Gelendzhik, and is close to the beach of the Prasloveyevka resort. It is a flat rock that rises thirty meters into the sky and is about twenty meters wide. It does appear to resemble a sail of a boat. This formation is believed to be caused by the rhythmic effect of the waves breaking on the stone and the winds hitting against it. There is a hole in the lower part of the sail rock. Experts believe that this hole has been caused by man and not nature! They explained that it is the imprint of a cannonball. . An amazing insight into nature's canvas. During the peak season, there are options of taking a cruise from Gelendzhik to view this marvel. Or you can take the bus that takes you directly to the Sail Rock. Private cars are also available. You can spend sometime on the beach too!  

Address: Praskoveyevka, then along the coastal strip toward Dzhankhot. 
Bus: The bus leaves from the old bus terminal in Gelendzhik

Spring Natasha

At Mikhailovsky crossing, you will find a scenic setting with a natural monument, the spring "Natasha". This is the purest spring water of this holy place. According to legend, this is the holy place for newlyweds to strengthen their vows. The local tradition believes that a drink of this magic power of love is a blessing! Local traditions demand that all newly weds of that region of Gelendzhik must visit the spring Natasha and the chapel of Sergius of Radonezh located near the spring. Admire the waterfalls, pay your respects at the picturesque chapel and listen to the legend of  a poor girl named Natasha. There is a sculpture of Natasha too. There is entertainment for the family here, there are trouts that swim in the backwaters. Get a pole and catch some, it will be cooked for you on the spot! A lunch in the outdoors. Children will love the cascades of waterfalls, the backwaters and the platforms. This is a scenic trip if you have a day to spare. Remember to take your swimsuit along.  Address: This spring is just before settl. Mikhailovsky crossing.

Gelendzhik Dolphinarium

A serene atmosphere to spend time with these serene and intelligent creatures. You will be treated to a show of amazing dances on the water, an outrageous display of splashes, delightful vocalizations, phenomenal acrobatics, a bundle of delightful stunts and mimicry. Dolphins are clever enough to paint a picture! You could buy one and support this park. Take a photographed with these amazingly charming creatures.    Opening times: Monday - 15:30 and 18:00. On other days : 10:00, 12:30, 15:30, 18:00, 20:30.
Telephone: +7 (86141) 33-0-33; +7 (86141) 33-0-55.
Address: Gelendzhik, Lunacharskogo street 130 get off at "Dvorets Kultury" Board bus with numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 fixed-route taxis numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 22, 29, to the stop "Dvorets Kultury", Palace of Culture

Entertainment complex "Olymp"

A day of fun under the sun. You have many things to experience and do here. There is a zoo, oceanarium, terrarium, and a children's village. The concert hall, bowling club, and observation wheel are impressive. The adventurous can try the quad bike rides, horse rides,fishing and jeep rides. There is a cable way that takes you up to 600 m to a viewing platform for a panoramic view of the Gelendzhik bay. Relax at a restaurant in the scenic surrounding.  

Telephone: +7 (928) 443-07-70; +7 (86141) 47-228.
Address: Gelendzhik, Kupriyanova Shchel 1, close to the new bus terminal
Website: www.park-olimp-ru

Festivals at Gelendzhik

The resort opens each year during the tourist season with a special opening by a traditional carnival festival called “Sun smiles upon Gelendzhik”, this happens normally on the first Sunday of June. A grand affair, the entire town wears a festive look. The Russian national festival of arts is generally head between August and September and is called the festival of Southern Nights. The All Russian festival honoring children and youth on Literary and Artistic works is held at Gelendzhik. It is called Children and Books and is a popular festival.

Emerald Waterfalls

Gelendzhik is blessed with abundant bounties of nature. The Zhane river and it tributaries near the village of Vozrozhdeniye make a breathtaking sight. A cascade of waterfalls! The whole family will enjoy bathing in the cool waters of this mountain river after a hike in the hot sun. Legends of the local villages tell tales of the magic waters of the Emerald waterfalls. The stories say that bathing in the icy water of the waterfalls on Epiphany gives one the health of steel for the whole year. This scenic waterfalls is about 10 km away from Gelendzhik.

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Surrounding towns

  • Erivanskaya ~19 km

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How to get there ?

The airport at Gelendzhik is a small airport with one runway. There are 9 flights from around the country that use this airport. It is about 5 km away from  the resort city. Most of the hotels send their taxis to pick the guests up from the airport free of charge.
IATA code: GDZ
Address: Airport, 1, Pilotov St., Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Region, 353466, Russia
Office phone number:+7 86141 99 013
Flight information: +7 86141 99 009
Taxis: Taxis are available outside the airport and the cost will vary according to the time of arrival. Nights will be expensive. You can book online for taxis, if you hotel does not provide the transport service. There are taxi companies that provide private minibuses, private taxis, and shared shuttle buses. Website:  

Shuttle bus service: Shuttle bus service are available and can be negotiated at the airport  

Getting around the city

By foot: The roads are well laid out and it is exhilarating to walk around the town into the beach.

By taxi: This is the most common form of transportation. It is expensive and you will need to negotiate. By bus: There is a bus terminal at Gelendzhik, it connects this town with all the tourist sights around the town. It is convenient and regular during the summer season.

Transport in Gelendzhik

Other transport
Gelendzhik ~3 km

Hotels in Gelendzhik (Southern)

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Усадьба Мармазинская щель

между Геленджиком и Дивноморском
353490 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : 3000 RUB - 4000 RUB

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Гостевой дом "Абсолют"

ул.Анапская 11
353465 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : 900 RUB - 2000 RUB

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ул Южная, дом №6
353470 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : RUB - RUB

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Гостевой дом "НА ТЕЛЬМАНА"

Тельмана 111
353465 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : 1000 RUB - 3500 RUB

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Шевченко 42
353460 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : RUB - RUB

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Abrikos Plus Guesthouse

Ulitsa Kirova 17
353460 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : RUB - RUB

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19 ulitsa Griboyedova
353475 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : 900 RUB - 2500 RUB

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Adriatic Guest House

Таманская 4
353460 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : 3000 RUB - 3200 RUB

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Africa Hotel

Krasnogvardeyskaya Street 25
353477 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : 900 RUB - 2000 RUB

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Ulitsa Ostrovskogo 72A
353460 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : 1000 RUB - 2000 RUB

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ул.Короленко д.37 Гостевой дом "Альбатрос"
353465 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : RUB - RUB

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Pochtovaya Street 17
353467 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : RUB - RUB

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Революционная 5
353460 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : RUB - RUB

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Alexandria Hotel

Shmidta Street 1
353460 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : 1700 RUB - 3100 RUB

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Aliens Guest House

Ulitsa Admirala Protsenko 4
343580 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : 3500 RUB - 5500 RUB

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Amigos Guest House

Ulitsa Nekrasova 18
353460 - Gelendzhik

Indicative price : 990 RUB - 1900 RUB