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The industrial city of Bottrop is beside the Rhine-Herne Canal in northern Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Bottrop is located in the Ruhr industrial zone with Essen, Gladbeck, Oberhausen and Dorsten. This city is a coal mining and rail center. There are several factories that produce chemicals, coal tar derivatives, machinery and textiles. Bottrop became a city in 1921, but it was bombed during the Oil Campaign of WWII. 40% of the inhabitants of this city are of Polish descent, they moved to Bottrop during the 19th century. Bottrop is unique, it is divided into 3 boroughs, Bottrop Center, Bottrop South and Bottrop Kirchhellen. Each of the boroughs has a borough ruler and representation.
The climate is moderate in Bottrop, January is the coldest month with average temperatures of 1.5°C. July to September is warm, the temperatures can get as high as 22°C. Bottrop does not experience long periods of cold or warm weather. The currency used is the Euro.

The city of Bottrop is included to the state Nordrhein-Westfalen, to the county Münster and to the district Bottrop.

The city of Bottrop covers 100.7 km² and has 117,756 inhabitants (2008 census) with a density of 1,169.37 inhabitants per km². The minimum altitude is 26 m, the maximum altitude is 78 m, the average altitude is 60 m.
The current mayor of Bottrop is Peter Noetzel for the term 2004-2009.
The french name of the city is Bottrop.
The website of Bottrop is

Points of interest

Movie Park and Indoor Skydiving Center

The movie park at Bottrop is a themed park and all the attractions are related to different movies and cartoons. Notice famous movies like Ice Age, Avatar, Police Academy, Tom and Jerry and others. The streets around this park have been authentically decorated with cars and buildings that reflect the 1950s. Strolling along the street makes it appear as if you have entered a movie set. An exciting way to spend an afternoon during the summers. There are cafes and restaurants in the park and it is a perfect ambiance to enjoy the colorful Movie Park from a table that overlooks the streets.


Bottrop has an Indoor Skydiving Center that has the most modern high performance wind tunnel that gives hours of fun for the whole family. This professional indoor skydiving simulator is fun and any person who wishes to experience an adventure should try the skydiving. An exhilarating experience as your feet are lifted off the ground. There are instructors who will give training to the beginning and teach them to be safe and have fun as well!

Open all year For children aged 4+ Max. 120kg body weight Not suitable for people with acute injuries or shoulder, joint or back problems

Schloss Landsberg

Schloss Landsberg stands tall on a hill surrounded by dense woods and spectacular landscape, it is just 18 kilometers from Bottrop. A castle had existed on this site from the 12th century. This castle was strategically located to aid the Gotha-Würzburg-Frankfurt trade route. It was lost in the Peasants War and the Thirty Years War much later. These battles completely destroyed this beautiful castle and the only thing that survived the onslaught of the war was the well shaft. It was rebuilt to the past glory by Bernhard II Erich Freund von Sachsen-Meiningen. He frequently visited England to meet his older sister Adelaide. She was the queen consort of King William IV of England. He was inspired by the picturesque homes of the English nobility and decided to rebuilt Schloss Landsberg in a similar style. In 1836, the castle was completed in the Gothic Revival style based on the design by architects Döbner August Wilhelm and Carl Alexander von Geideloff. He seldom stayed at this beautiful castle and his son, George II on inheriting it, used the castle to store his fine art collection. It has changed hands a number of times over the next century. Today, it is a beautiful hotel offering spectacular views over the Thuringian countryside, especially from its tower.

Landsberg Strasse 150
98617 Meiningen
Telephone: ++49 (0) 3693 4409 0

The Bottrop Quadrat

The museum at Bottrop is different and inspiring. The Quadrat or square as it is referred to is an unusual museum complex and a one of its kind in Germany. It introduces the visitor to an extraordinary and lively presentation of the history and culture of Bottrop. The Josef-Albers Museum and the Gallery of Modern Art has on display several intriguing local and ancient history artifacts that are sure to impress the visitor. The Josef-Albers Museum was opened in honor of this city's most famous artist, Josef Alber. The architectural design of this museum complex was created by Josef Alber called homage to the square or 'Huldigung an das Quadrat'. This gallery presents a meeting ground for local and international artists to interact. It has created a platform for constructive development of the arts and organizes several exhibitions a year. The museum of ancient and local history is recognized for its unique concept. On display in the gallery are spectacular artifacts found during archaeological digs in this area that are from the ice age.

Josef-Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop
Im Stadtgarten 20
D-46236 Bottrop
Open daily from 10:00-18:00. Monday holiday.

Schloss Hugenpoet

An enchanting traditional moated castle that is from the 17th century. Take a trip and explore the architectural marvel of this castle that is located 18 kilometers from Bottrop. It was first mentioned as early as 778 and it has witnessed many gruesome acts during the late Middle Ages and the Thirty Years War. This magnificent castle belonged to the Nesselrode Hugenpoet family for over 200 years. It was sadly destroyed during the Thirty Years War, but Johann William of Nesselrode Hugenpoet rebuilt the castle to its old splendor in 1647. The castle is nestled between the cities of Dueldorf and Essen and it has been converted into a luxury hotel today. Look out for the delightful toads that can be spotted around the park of the hotel, on the collar of the hotel owner, the tiepin of the barman or on the menu. According to local legends, the 'Hugen'or toads have always sat around in their 'poet'or puddle waiting to turn into a Prince!

In 1831, Baron Friedrich Leopold von Fürstenberg took over the rundown castle from the family of Nesselrode Hugenpoet and restored it. The idea to convert this historic castle into a modern day hotel was decided by the family and today, Schlosshotel Hugenpoet as it is known is one of the most beautiful places to spend a night.


The Amusement Park at Beck Castle

Schloss Beck is a Baroque castle that was built as a 'maison de plaisance'between 1766-1777 by Johann Conrad Schlaun. It was designed and built to be a residence, but it was hardly visited by the family. The Beck Castle was used as a distillery for schnaps before it was taken over by the Metternich family in 1850. The war did not damage this majestic castle, but it became rundown and dilapidated due to the lack of funds to maintain it. It was lovingly restored to its past glory by Karl Kuchenbäcker. After restoration, he decided to open the castle to the public to recover the huge expenses.

Located in a scenic area with beautiful ancient trees and landscaped gardens, the castle has an amusement park that is popular with the children. This theme park targets children between 3-14 years and it is not crowded. The local inhabitants normally visit this park for some family time. The large public rooms are rented for birthday parties, Christmas parties or even a wedding. Enjoy a ride on the horse-drawn carriage, the railroad or be prepared to get scared in the haunted basement or the adventure simulator. There are nature trails around the garden and the woods nearby. The Big Wheel, Bumper Cars, Wendy House and the Cart Track are other popular rides.


The Tetraeder is the symbol of Bottrop, it is a 50 meter high steel tetrahedron that is placed on a 90 meter slag heap. An artificial mountain that was created from the waste products from coal production in 1995. This represents the industrial culture of this region. Be adventurous, climb this artificial mountain and you will be treated to an astonishing sight of the monument of the Tetraeder. There are steps leading to the top, the view of the surrounding landscape are breathtaking. Though on occasions the climb can make you miss a heart beat as it sways to the winds!


The inhabitants of Bottrop enjoy skiing and the Alpincenter was opened in 2001. Winter sports fans can practice skiing on the longest indoor slope in the world. With a length of 640 meters, the slope offers hours of fun for beginners and experienced skiers. There are trainers to train the beginners in the safe zone at the Alpincenter. Experienced skier will be challenged on the steep slope that has an inclination of 24%.

Opening Hours
Wednesday and Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00
Slope: 10:00 – 17:00
Buffet: 11.30- 17:30 Bar: 10:00-18:00

A Museum For Children And Youth

The junges museum means the young museum and it is located in the courtyard of the Cultural Center. The displays at this museum creatively presented and this interactive museum is primarily aimed at children and the youth, but it is common to see grown-up art lovers too! The exhibits are unique as they encourage children to touch the art work and feel the strokes, they let them hold the art work and admire it from different angles. This museum is a happy and bright place with children running around and laughter is often heard echoing in the hallways.

Junges Museum (Young Museum)
Blumenstr. 12-14
46236 Bottrop
Tel.: +49(0)2041/ 70 37 21
Open Tuesday to Saturday 2:00-18:00pm
Morning visits organized for groups on request

A Lively Cultural Scene at Bottrop

The Quadrat or the square is a local brand that implies the 180 cultural events that attracts almost 20,000 visitors each year. The museum complex Quadrat has an impressive display of modern arts and early history artifacts on display. There are theater plays from puppet shows to cabarets that target different age groups and music of different rhythms. The Kulturzentrum is the cultural center that hosts the adult learning center, a school of music, a distance university correspondence course, a public library, a cinema and a small museum.

Kulturamt im Kulturzentrum (Cultural Bureau)
Blumenstraße 12 – 14
46236 Bottrop

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How to get there ?

The Dusseldorf International Airport (DUS/EDDL) is about 42 Kilometers from the city of Bottrop. The other airport that is frequented by visitors visiting Bottrop is the The Dortmund Airport (DTM/EDLW). This airport is about 42 kilometers from the city center. Both the airports are well connected by bus and train into the city of Bottrop. From Dortmund airport, you can hire a car at the arrival gate. This is one of the best options, as the roads are excellent and the journey is just under one hour. From the airport there is a bus leaving to Bottrop every hour and if you do not have too many pieces of luggage this is cheaper than a taxi. It takes about 51 minutes into Bottrop by taxi, the road is scenic and excellent. The buses take longer as they are slower and stop along the route. The journey is about two hours fifteen minutes.

Getting around the city

Hire a bicycle and explore this enchanting city. The paths criss cross around town and beside the river is picturesque and serene. Walking is also recommended and those who do not wish to walk can always hire a taxi, they are around the city and you can hail them off the road.

Transport in Bottrop

Other transports
Essen HBF ~10 km
Essen Railway ~10 km
Essen Mulheim ~14 km
Marl-Loemuehle Airport ~21 km
Bochum HBF ~21 km

Hotels in Bottrop (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

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Apartmenthaus Glück Auf

3 Wielandstraße
46242 - Bottrop

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Beisenbusch Hotel & Restaurant

Dorstener Str. 22/1
46244 - Bottrop

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Chillten Bottrop

Gungstr. 3
46240 - Bottrop

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Ferienwohnung Bottrop Radetzki

Gladbeckerstr. 365
46240 - Bottrop

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Ferienwohnung in Fuhlenbrock

Lindhorststrasse 283
46242 - Bottrop

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Ferienwohnung Severin

Aegidistraße 22
46238 - Bottrop

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Ferienwohnung Stammkötter

Rheinbabenstr. 26
46240 - Bottrop

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Hotel Brauhaus

Gladbeckerstraße 78
46236 - Bottrop

Indicative price : 59 EUR - 83 EUR