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Česká Lípa is a scenic city in the Liberec Region of Czech Republic. It is located about 70 kilometers north of the capital city of Prague. The Ploučnice River flows through the city, this is the old area of Česká Lípa, a Slavonic colony existed at this site from the 10th century. This city grew under the guidance of the Ronovci and Jindrich z Lipe during the 14th century. The modern development was influenced by the industrial production and the uranium mining in this region, Česká Lípa has about 48,000 inhabitants. Prudently maintaining the city center as a heritage zone, the outskirts were developed to give housing to the inflow of workers. A city rich in culture and heritage, Česká Lípa is a beautiful destination offering entertainment during winters and summers. A third of the region of Česká Lípa lies inside the landscape protected zone. The currency used is the Czech Koruna.

The city of Česká Lípa is included to the region Liberecký kraj, to the district Česká Lípa and to the municipality Česká Lípa.

Points of interest

Lipý Water Castle

The Lipý Water Castle was founded in the 13th century by members of the Ronovci family, they later called themselves, the Lords of Lipá. Constructed of wood and built near the Ploučnice river, the river flow was deflected in the 14th century, to make room for building a guard tower of solid stone. The Lipý Water Castle has witnessed battles and it was captured by the Hussites and the Swedes. This castle was rebuilt as a Renaissance stately home in the 16th century, and it became a two level castle. This majestic castle was the residence of the Berka family of Dubá. It was abandoned for a couple of centuries and in the 19th century it became the location of this city's sugar refinery. This charming castle was not maintained and it sadly fell into shambles before it was demolished in 1950s. A beautiful ambiance, the castle became the destination for cultural events in the early 20th century with the reconstruction of this castle to reflect its glory days. A certain portion of the castle ramparts and two Gothic gates from its first construction are immaculately preserved even today. Walk along the cellars and the ramparts and admire the scenery of the woodlands. There is a conducted tour that begins from the eastern gate.

May to September: Monday, Wednesday to Sunday: 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00 Website:

Festivals at Česká Lípa

The Lípa Musical Festival is an annual event that was begun in 2000. An enchanting event of classical music that spread to ten other places in Ústí nad Labem and Liberec regions. These organized concerts begin at Česká Lípa with a grand opening ceremony. The closing events of the Lípa Musical Festival is held in the All Saints Basilica, this is a part of the Augustinian Monastery. Normally held in the autumn, this is a popular musical festival of this culturally rich city. You will get a chance to see world famous concerts that attract viewers from around the country.

Municipal Summer Festival is organized each year on the grounds of Lipý Castle. This is an event that is looked forward to by the inhabitants of Česká Lípa and the tourists who visit this historic city during the summer. This event first took place in 2000 and it was conducted in the city park, when Česká Lípa was celebrating 125 years of existance. It was moved to the T. G. Masaryk Square, but when Lipý Castle's renovation was completed, the Municipal Summer Festival got its permanent location. The highlight of this event is the antique fair, the splendid fireworks, concerts, and theater performances.

The Augustinian Monastery

The historic Augustinian Monastery located on Náměstí svobody was founded by Albrecht of Valdštejn in 1627. This beautiful building took 150 years to finish. There is an octagonal Holy Trinity Chapel that was completed in 1761 that is often referred to as the Biber Chapel. This was founded as a Latin school to encourage the return of Catholicism to the otherwise Protestant environment. The Augustinian Monastery was evicted from this beautiful building in April 1950 and it was vacant for many years, before it was alloted as a school for training automobile service. The cloister was given to the District Museum and the District Chancery in 1960. After renovation and reconstruction that took four years, the museum was located here.

An impressive museum set in a historic location, it showcases the Regional exposition on the nature of the Česká Lípa region and the history of this region. There is an interesting exhibit on Ancient Egypt and the World of Seas and Oceans. The Geology and mineralogy with the Blacksmith's shop exposition makes interesting viewing. Explore the monastery garden that is built in the style of the Renaissance French garden. Admire the ornamental flowers and the herb garden, a serene atmosphere, this was the meditation area for the Monks.

Opening Hours
March – April: Wednesday-Sunday 9:00 – 12:00 & 1:00 – 17:00

A Visit to the Lakes around Česká Lípa

Česká Lípa has several ponds that were created by the rulers for their relaxation and recreation. The Mácha's Lake was created in 1367 as a fishpond for Emperor Charles IV. A beautiful area that has enough space for thousands of visitors who visit the four sandy beaches on its shores. Summertime is fun with boat rides, yachting, and a giant water slide. On the south eastern banks of Mácha's Lake is the Swamp. This is a unique bog and though it is small and tiny, it is on the national natural monument, because it is rich with a wide variety of local reeds and algae.

The Holanské Ponds are one of the most enchanting network of ponds in the area between Stvolínky and Holany. It is fed by Beaver Brook and it is popular among tourists and the locals. The folk architecture makes this a picturesque location, admire the timbered and the half-timbered houses that dots the ponds. These have been listed in the natural monuments of this country. Visit the Vlhošt´, this is the highest peak of the Protected Landscape Area of Kokořínsko or Ronov hill with its majestic castle ruins. The Novozámecký Pond is on the east of Zahrádky. A national nature reserve, and a ornithological site as its ponds are abundant with reeds and the wetlands are home to endangered fauna and flora.

A Walking Tour

A historic city that has maintained its heritage and culture while embracing modernity and progress. The best way to admire the ancient monuments of this city is on a walking tour. The town square has almost all the heritage buildings, take a stroll along the cobbled pathway and observe the Holy Trinity Column. This column is also known as the Plague column as it was built in 1681 in memory of the people who died during the plague. This ornate pillar is decorated with a double sided Holy Trinity and the statues of this country's patrons, St. Václav, St. Adalbert, St. John of Nepomuk and St. Florian are on the corner posts.

The picturesque sandstone Empire fountain from 1834 has dolphins spurting watering. The Town Hall is impressive, the Neo-Renaissance facade was added in 1884, but the building was completed in 1515. An ancient clock tower stands beside it, while the buildings nearby are all historic and many dating from the 16th century. The Mail building is in use even today, it was built in the style of the neo-Renaissance palace. Notice the beautiful windows and the roof gables of the Art Nouveau houses that dote the square, with ornamental stucco facades, they transport you to another era. Many of these houses in the square still have well preserved Gothic dungeons.

The Homeland Museum

The Homeland Museum and Gallery is located in the Augustinian Monastery. Walk around and explore the permanent exhibition on display, the Animal World is a popular exhibition in Česká Lípa. The Loretan courtyard is nearby and this is open for the temporary exhibits. There is a religious building of Loreta in the center and most of the artwork are displayed aesthetically. The chapel at this venue is used for concerts. This museum is also in charge of the Village Magistrate in the nearby towns.

The Red House

The Red House is a Renaissance Summer House that is close to the Lipý Castle. This is an impressive building that was built as a hunters chateau by Jetrich Jiri Berka z Dubé in 1583. It was constructed in the Italian renaissance style, a unique structure as it is decorated on the exterior with sgrafitto letter type. Notice the hunting scenes and portraits of unknown people. It served as a dye house, a tavern, city museum branch and even a home for the destitute. It is unoccupied today, but this historic building is worth a visit.

Crystal Culture House

The Crystal Culture House was established in 1990 as a contributory organization that helps to organize the summer events in the Lipý Castle. It was given the responsibility of maintaining the heritage of this region. This building has halls, a restaurant and a cinema. Today it is known as the Lipý Česká Lípa, and this organization has been given charge of the castle and the Historic Textile Print Center that is located at the castle. A modern facility in the town center that is well equipped to handle a concert with excellent acoustics or even a dance hall that can hold international competitions.

A trip to Lindava

Located just 18 kilometers from the city center of Česká Lípa is the glass design studio AJETO IN Lindava. An interesting experience as you are guided through the process of creating magical figurines from fire and sand. Stroll through the landscaped garden and marvel at the crystal sculptures. There is a restaurant that faces the studio, relax over a drink as you watch artists at work. You could create your own figurine, if you can blow hard enough into the glassblowing pipe! If you have the time, visit the Museum of Glass and Jewelery in Jablonec nad Nisou.


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How to get there ?

The Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (PRG) is the main international airport in Czech Republic. There are 46 airports, but the airport at Prague is serviced by most international airlines. The distance from the city of Prague to Česká Lípa is about 68 kilometers. The transport system is good from the airport. The taxi is the easiest and most convenient way to reach Česká Lípa, the journey takes about two hours, but it is the most expensive as well.

Ceske drahy is the main railway provider in this country and the railways links the width and length of this country. The journey for the Praha hl.n station is about one hour eleven minutes to Česká Lípa and there is a train every twenty minutes that passes this city. Visitors can also get a train into Česká Lípa from Usti nad labem hl.n, the journey is 53 minutes into Česká Lípa and there is one train every two hours from this station.

The road network is good from Prague. If visitors do not have much luggage, this is a good option as the rates are cheap. The journey will take about three hours.

Taxi contact numbers:
00420 777 885 925
00420 775 744 447.

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