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A charming village that is located on the Slavonian highway between Osijek and Donji Miholjac in Croatia. Valpovo is an ancient city with a troubled past and evidence of this era can be seen in the medieval fortress and castle. Valpovo is close to the Drava river surrounded by beautiful natural landscape, an interesting city to visit with it friendly people and traditional cuisine. With a population under 10,000, the economy is based on farming, livestock, and timber, while there are verified natural gas and oil deposits.

Valpovo is situated in a northern temperate climate zone. The average temperature for January the coldest month is 2°C and August is the warmest month with an average of 27°C. Valpovo is a sunny city and a delight to visit during the spring and fall, when outdoor activities can be enjoyed. The currency used in this city is the Croatian Kuna.

The city of Valpovo is included to the region Osječko-Baranjska and to the province Valpovo.

The city of Valpovo covers 143 km² and has 7,904 inhabitants (2011 census) with a density of 55.27 inhabitants per km². The average altitude is 91 m.
The current mayor of Valpovo is Leon Žulj (Croatian Democratic Union) for the term 2005-2009.
The french name of the city is Valpovo, the english name of the city is Valpovo.
The website of Valpovo is

Points of interest

Hilleprand-Prandau Normann-Ehrenfels Castle

The majestic castle in Valpovo is a medieval fortress that was built in the Baroque style. A phenomenal architectural marvel that was built in the 14th century, it was a classic example of a fortified fort and town. It was severely damaged during the 17th century and historians claim it was renovated about seven times over the centuries. It has a unique shape, it appears to be an elongated triangle on the ground level with a high tower on the north point. There was a moat that was filled with water from the nearby river and a sturdy wooden bridge that led into the entrance. Once liberated from the Turks, the Emperor Karl VI gifted the property of Valpovo to the legal heirs of two families, Hilleprandt von Prandau and Normann-Ehrenfels. With a marriage between the two families, Valpovo passed into the possession of the Normann family. This noble family lived in this castle until 1945.

The castle was rebuilt after the fire of 1802, but they maintained the authenticity of this castle that was built on the south wing of the medieval fort many centuries ago. Having 62 rooms and a court this is one among the most beautiful castles in this country. There is a 25 hectares large park and forest near the Valpovo castle.


Diocletian's Palace

Take a trip to the fabulous UNESCO World Heritage site of Diocletian's Palace. The Diocletian's Palace is located just 6 hours from the city center of Valpovo and it is one of the best preserved Roman monuments. The Emperor's Palace was built between 295-305AD. Divided into four zones with two main streets that connected several villas and a Roman military camp. The south of this palace was for the Emperor's chambers, while the northern part was for the army and storage. This beautiful palace was built with stones from Brac and the décor like the sphinx, carvings in marble were brought from Greece, Italy and Egypt.

With four entrances into the palace of which one was from the sea, this palace is sure to impress the visitor. The main door was at the north, this was the entrance to the Palace with its massive double doors. Walk around the ruins of the three temples and the imperial mausoleum. The temples were dedicated to Jupiter, Kibelin and Venue. With the growth of this city, the mausoleum was converted into a cathedral dedicated to Virgin Mary. The Diocletian's Palace is still in use today, this well preserved monument has witnessed many historical events and it is worth the trip.

A Walking Tour of Valpovo

Valpovo is a historic city with several medieval monuments. Explore this city that has culturally rich monuments in every direction that you turn. Walk along the pathways and you will see traditional houses, these charming houses are called šokak houses and they reflect the traditional construction of this region. Located in the city center of Valpovo is the majestic medieval castle, the Prandau Normann. This city was built around the fortified castle and it is the center of Valpovo's heritage. Rebuilt seven times over the centuries, this castle reflects the Baroque style today. Take a stroll along the remaining fortification and the defensive moat that has been preserved. The Holy Trinity chapel is located inside the castle and it showcases an impressive organ. There are other chapels with beautiful crucifixes in the city center.

Relax at a local cafe and enjoy a the local cuisine over some splendid wines that are from the surrounding vineyards. The brandy of Valpovo is very popular too. The river Karašnica flows through a town and offers a pleasant walking path. Fishing is popular in Valpovo on the rivers Karašnica, Vucica, Drava, and the fish ponds. Hunting grounds are nearby, but you will need a permit to enter the forest.

National Park Plitvice Lakes

The National Park Plitvice Lakes is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. An enchanting park with its unique 16 cascading lakes that flow from different heights, because of the limestone deposits called travertine. A serene area surrounded by dense beech forests, spruce and fir that creates a rainforest atmosphere. The spring of the river Korana flows through the forests and it encourages the abundance of the local flora. Enjoy the sight of the lush meadows that have bright flowers during the spring, but watch out for the brown bears that lurk in the woods! A magnificent sight that is often referred to as a 'Primordial Beauty'by the locals.

The park is a pleasure to visit during all the seasons. The foliage that reflects shades of brown and orange during the autumn are mirrored in the still waters of the lake. Summers are colorful when the flowers are in bloom with different hues and winters have a magically presence when the flow of the lakes are restricted by the ice that form. At the National Park Plitvice Lakes, you can take an exhilarating hike and discover the treasures of this enchanting area. Others can take a tour on the panoramic trains and electric boats to enjoy the beauty of the lakes.

The Local Wine and Cuisine

Food and wine plays an important part in the festivals and celebration of most countries and in Valpovo, Croatia, they take pride in the number of original recipes that have been carried down over the generations. Stews play an important part in the cuisine and they have a range of stews like the cobanac stew, fish stew, or the chicken stews. A popular method of preparation of stewed vegetables is when it is bound with red pepper coated browned flour. Most of the homes of this region will have delicious homemade sausages. Do not leave town without trying the homemade kulen smoked pepper sausage, homemade smoked ham, and the smoked sausage. Delicious!

The fertile plains encouraged the growth of grapes for thousands of years. Grapes has been cultivated from the Roman times and the Wine Road still exists today. Wine is honored in this region on the St. Vincent's day, this festival is celebrated in January. Baranja wine growing district has the ideal conditions for wine grape cultivation and this was recognized by the Romans more than 2,000 years ago. This wine is one of the premium quality available in this region. Djakovo Wine-growing District produces exceptional Trnava Grasevina and superior Trnava Chardonnay. Fericanci Wine-growing District have the superior Rhine Riesling wine and quality wines Grasevina, White Pinot and the renowned Fericanci Frankovka.

The Sport of Hunting

Hunting is a sport that is still in vogue in Croatia. There are dense forests surrounding Valpovo, but you cannot hunt without a permit. Contact the hunting union and they will guide you. Wild boar is abundant in the hunting grounds of this region, pheasants are also commonly spotted. Pheasants are reared and set free into the forest to replenish their numbers after the hunt. Visitors who wish to hunt are sure to find quail, partridge, mallard, wild goose, woodcock and hare. There are a number of hunting lodges that offer accommodation. A wonderful experience sleeping out close to the woods.

Address: Hunting Union of Osijek-Baranjske county
P. Pejacevica 5, 31000 Osijek
Telephone: +385 (0) 31 369-592

A trip to Djakovo

The charming city of Djakovo is located 35 minutes away from Valpovo. This city is the organizer of the Slavonia and Baranja folklore festival "The Djakovo Embroideries", it is conducted each year from 1967. There are almost 70 folklore groups having about 4,000 performers participating in this festival. Each costume is intricately decorated with colorful embroidery and they represent each area of the region. A colorful parade of well dressed participants walk through the town streets in a festive atmosphere, it is difficult to find two costumes that are the same! With concerts and performances by opera singers and the choir of the Basilica Cathedral of St. Peter, the entertainment is exhilarating. organ.

Gardens of the Valpovo Castle

The medieval castle of Valpovo has a beautiful landscaped garden that has been maintained over the centuries. The 25 hectares park close to the preserved park forest is a classic example of park architecture of castles in Croatia. The garden is designed in the Baroque style of the 18th century with a star-shaped crossways in the hunter's park or the menagerie. Stroll through the park and admire the outlooks and the large meadows that still retain its original look. Though there may be minor changes after the damages of the war, but efforts have been made to retain its authenticity with ancient shrubs and trees.

Valpovo Summer

Valpovo is an ancient city that was inhabited by feudal families, their legacies still remain standing even today. The Valpovo summer is an important cultural event that was began centuries ago, when the locals participated in hunting expeditions, but today there are additions to the festival with the introduction of theater performances and concerts. This annual event has become popular in this region and it is well attended by several cultural clubs who showcase their talents with folklore, music and dance. There are cooking demonstration and ethnographic exhibitions, the traditional costumes of Valpovo are the whitest in this region! A wonderful experience to witness this festival that welcomes summer with outdoor activities.

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How to get there ?

The Pecs Pogany Airport is the closest airport to Valpovo. There are several car hire companies at the arrival gate, driving is a pleasure on these roads and the best way to enjoy the sights of this country. The distance to the city center of Valpovo from the Pecs Pogany Airport is approximately 48 kilometers. There are taxis that run on the meter available at the arrival gate exit. Direct buses are difficult to find and with luggage, it is not an option. Visitors can enter through the city of Osijek. The distance is about 23 kilometers into the city center of Valpovo. The Osijek Airport (OSI) does not have many connecting flights to other countries, but it is closer to Valpovo. Visitors can land at Zagreb and drive into Valpovo. Take the scenic route of E70, the distance into Valpovo is 289 kilometers.


Bus Stand Address :Ive Lole Ribara 1, 31550 Valpovo Telphone :060 390060

Getting around the city

Walking is the best way to experience this ancient city. Most of the medieval monuments are in the city center and you can take a walk to the river to enjoy the ambiance there. Cars can be hired or buses rented for a larger group when visiting the neighboring cities.

Transport in Valpovo

International airport
Osijek ~38 km
Other transport
Cepin ~22 km

Hotels in Valpovo (Osječko-Baranjska)

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B&B Valpovački dvori

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Hotel Villa Valpovo

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