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The charming city of Campina Grande is located in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. It is an important city in the northeastern region of Brazil as it has several famous educational centers, and industries. This makes Campina Grande the second largest city and the economic center of this state. There are not many tourist attractions in Campina Grande, but it receives more than tens of thousands of visitors each year. They arrive to participate in the world's largest Saint John's Festival during the month of June. A culturally rich city, the other events like Vaquejadas, Micarande, and the Winter Theater Festival are equally popular too.

The climate is pleasant at Campina Grande, located beside a hilly area, it ensures that there is proper ventilation and lower temperatures. The hottest month during summers can touch 30°C with an annual temperature of about 22°C. The winters are pleasant and the coldest night temperature is 15°C.

The city of Campina Grande is included to the region Nordeste and to the state Paraíba.

The city of Campina Grande covers 621 km² and has 371,060 inhabitants (2010 census) with a density of 597.52 inhabitants per km². The maximum altitude is 552 m, the average altitude is 560 m.
The current mayor of Campina Grande is Veneziano Vital do Rêgo.
Inhabitant of Campina Grande city is called campinense. The french name of the city is Campina Grande, the spanish name is Campina Grande.
The motto of Campina Grande city is "Solum Inter Plurima". The Campina Grande city was founded in 1864. The website of Campina Grande is

Points of interest

The Feast of St. John

June is the month of the traditional Catholic celebrations that honor the local three saints, St John, St. Peter, and St. Antony during the feast of St. John's. During this month, it is the time to celebrate in the traditional folk customs of the region of the northeast with traditional dances, bonfires and delicious local cuisine along with popular devotional prayers to the three major catholic saint.

The festival of St. John is celebrated after the rainy season. A thanksgiving festival to the local saint for the rain and they celebrate life wearing traditional peasant clothes with large straw hats and women can be seen with pigtails, freckles, a painted gap between their teeth and red-checkered dresses. They gyrate to the beat of the samba, while the juninas dance to the accordion and the triangle, a popular dance of the forro. A time of festivities as the city comes alive with fireworks, dancing, and merriment. This festival is popular at the neighboring city of Caruaru too. There is a heightened sense of competition with each city trying to outdo the other. The Quadrilha is a couple dance formations around a mock wedding, the bride and groom are at the center of the dance. Most of the festivities are in the park, close to the church, but the entire city vibrates to the beat of music and dance.

A trip to Cariri

An area of spectacular rock formation, make a trip to Sertao that is near Sao Joao and see the fascinating creation of mother nature. It is about an hour from Campina Grande. These massive rocks are rugged and weather worn as they sit on gentle slopes of a large rocky terrain. They are surrounded by small bushes and shrubs. An enchanting terrain that is so different from the normal landscape of this country. The most fascinating formation is on the private grounds of Fazenda Pai Mateus, several of these boulders have etchings on them. They are pre-Columbian rock art and many have been dated to pre-Clovis, making it older than the accepted date for the first crossing of American inhabitants from over the Bering Strait.

Explore the home of a famous local holy man. He lived inside the cave that was created by the hollowing of the stones. Sit down and enjoy the splendors of the sunset from this vantage point, phenomenal! Tours are organized and they will give an insight into the archaeological sites and the fauna and flora of this area. There are several medicinal herbs and the fazenda is a paradise for bird watching.

Food and Music

The passion for the festival of Junina or St John's is phenomenal. The city is taken over by Brazilians from around the country and tourists from around the world. It is a common tradition for each household to light bonfires that can go as high as 7 feet tall at around seven in the evening, there is a mystical glow as the sparks from the bonfires light up the street and the city. Family and friends gather into groups and have parties, these party-goers are known to wander around the street and knock on doors, where they are welcomed with a cool drink and food.

Canjica and Pamonha or corn and tapioca are the main ingredient in the local cuisine. Pancakes made with manioc flour, coconut and butter are the favorite during the month of June. Other delicacies are Galinha à Cabidela and green beans. Meat dishes are prepared during the festivities, the local favorite is the goat. Meat skewers are dipped in farinha, this is crushed and dried manioc. A melody of aromas hits you as the meat and corn are cooked in front of you, pork is available too. Pots of soup and caipirinhas line the streets and replenish the dancers and visitors. Moqueca de Banana is a delicious sweet made with banana and flour, a treat that nobody can refuse!

A Walk around Campina Grande

Campina Grande is a picturesque city that sits on a high plain with scenic hills to the north of the city. The city center is the highest area of this city. Take a walk around the city center and admire the architecture that reflects different styles from different eras. The modern buildings co-exist with the ancient, but you will find more old buildings in the downtown area. They were built in the Art Deco style and they continue to be used by this city's public administration. There are a few parks and squares, visitors will enjoy taking a stroll around the landscaped gardens and admire the statues of Gonzaga and Jackson playing the accordian and pandeiro.

Corned beef is famous at Campina Grande, enjoy the local favorite either baked or fried. It is served with butter, milk porridge, farofad, cassava and beans. Close to the park is the St. John Ranch, take a trip and discover this scenic camp that has a flour mill, chapel and a large supply of mangaio. Rum and cassava flour are produced at this ranch, notice the large production of molasses at this location. Visitors can experience a ride on the Forro train from the Old Station to the city of Galante. Enjoy the ride of over an hour with live music of the bass drum, triangle, and accordion.


Souza is a humid city that is about 3 hours from Campina Grande. This city is famous for dinosaur tracks and the prehistoric rock carvings that were discovered by archaeological digs in this region. The rodoviaria is just 1 kilometer from the city center of Souza. Take a walk to explore this mystical area from another era. It can be hot, so you could either hire a taxi or get into a share taxi as there are no buses in this city. The dinosaur tracks are spectacular and the carvings have survived the elements for centuries. Fossilized dinosaur prints of 90 different species that inhabited this area over 80 million years ago can be seen here. The Vale dos Dinossauros on the sedimentary river bed of the Rio do Peixe has spectacular Iguanodontus prints and the best time to visit this valley is between July to October.

The Igreja do Rosario at the Praca Matriz has beautiful paintings decorating the walls, they were painted during the Dutch occupation of this region. Today, it serves as a school. Walk to the hilltop overlooking the city of Souza to admire the statue of Frei Damiao. He was an important religious leader who gave his life to the cause of religion. Born in Italy, he came to Brazil in the 1930s and inspired the people of the northeast of Brazil.

Neighboring Campina Grande

Visit the scenic city of Lagoa Seca that is famous for its beautiful wood carved figurines and sacks that are handmade. It is located about 10 kilometers from Campina Grande. The Museu do Indio is interesting and introduces the visitor to the local traditions and customs. Inga is 35 kilometers off the road to Joao Pessoa, it is the location of the Pedra de Itacoatiara archaeological center. Archaeologists have discovered inscriptions that are 10,000 years old on a massive boulder that is 25 meters long and 3 meters high. There is a museum that has on display fossils of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a giant sloth

Campina Grande do Sul Ecological Tour

Campina Pico Paraná is home to one of the highest peaks in this state, located close to the border of Campina Grande do Sul with Antonina. Pico is 1962 meters in altitude and is the highest peak in southern Brazil. Explore the Capivari Falls Lake Dam and the hydroelectric plant, a spectacular sight as the waterfalls hits the bed of the river below. The landscape is breathtaking and enchanting, there are specific areas for camping and lodging. Fishing is popular at this site and each year the Department of Environment organizes a fishing contest. Canoeing on these waters are exhilarating, and there are great opportunities for hiking and climbing for those who enjoy the sport.

Historical And Geographic Museum Of Campina Grande

The Historical And Geographic Museum is located in the city center. This museum is one of the best in Brazil. It gives an opportunity to understand the culture and customs of this region. There are several displays that are dedicated to the social, historical and cultural development of this city. Browse through the several photographs, maps, and articles that adorn the walls. Artifacts of weapons, furniture, dolls and ancient tools that tell the story of this region are on display. A beautiful city, Campina Grande is showcased elegantly at this museum.

Floriano Peixoto Avenue
Campina Grande, Paraíba.

The Carnival of Micarande

Micarande is a popular carnival that is not in the normal carnival season of this region. This event is during the late April and spread over four days, it attracts more than 300,000 people to Campina Grande. A festive atmosphere grips this city as the music is electrifying. Trios eletricos or the carnival trucks move around the city with a live band playing music on the open roof top. Music can be heard for 24 hours during the carnival of Micarande. A phenomenal atmosphere as the streets are filled with dancing, laughter and merriment.

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How to get there ?

President John Suassuna Airport is the main airport that is located just under a kilometer from the city center of Campina Grande. This airport has daily regional flights. There is a small airport in Campina Grande, it caters to private jets, this smaller airport belongs to the Air Club of Campina Grande. You can take a taxi from the airport, but do fix the rate. The moto taxi are also another alternative visitors can consider, as the journey is just less than 5 minutes into the city center.

The Road Passenger Terminal Argemiro de Figueiredo connects important cities across the region, the road is in good condition, but driving is not advisable. This bus terminal is one of the busiest in the north east of Brazil, it has bus lines to major cities and all states in Brazil. It has access to three federal highways across the city, BR 230, BR 104, AND BR 412. The city bus circuit has about 200 buses and it overs 19 lines. The terminal for the bus is in the city center and you can change buses without having to pay each time, if you change your bus at this terminal.

Transport in Campina Grande

Other transport
Presidente Joao Suassuna ~5 km

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Hotel Village Confort Campina Grande

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Hotel Village Premium Campina Grande

Rua Otacilio Nepomuceno, 1285
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Pousada Granville

Rua Manoel Feliciano, 600
58416-055 - Campina Grande

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Pousada Itararé

Rua Narciso Costa Figueiredo, 1365
58411-020 - Campina Grande

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